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Brief About Our Company

We always strive to fulfill customer demands, society's expectations and the needs of future generations. We are immensely proud of our products and of what we represent. We want our customers to share that same sense of pride, which is why we will continue our focus on achieving the very highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Sahuwala Group, Visakhapatnam was established in 1982 with a single entity and since then has grown into a Group with 11 established companies under its umbrella., manufacturing the following products :
(a) High and Low Pressure Cylinders, Cylinder accessories and Cascades
(b) Turnkey solutions for Cylinder and piping assemblies in consultation with

LPG Cylinders

The company has a niche presence in the LPG sector under the purview of Sahuwala Cylinders (Pvt) Ltd and is a preferred supplier for Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum. The company has acquired its strong reputation as a Twenty Five Million mark manufacturer of high quality LPG cylinders. It is equipped with global manufacturing practices to meet the constantly changing expectations of domestic and international customers.

Auto LPG Tanks

Sahuwala Cylinders (P) Ltd pioneered Auto LPG Tank Manufacturing in India and has acquired the position of the 2nd largest manufacturer of Auto LPG Tanks in the globe. Dedicated investment in R & D ensures continual improvement in terms of innovation and design. The prestigious clientèle includes all the leading automobile manufacturers in India namely Bajaj, TVS, Hyundai, Suzuki,Piaggio.

High Pressure Cylinders

Sahuwala High Pressure Cylinders (P) Ltd [SHPCL] manufactures seamless gas cylinders conforming to national and international standards. With its highly modernized and technologically advanced manufacturing facility, SHPCL manufactures high quality "Econ" branded Air, CNG, Industrial Gases & Medical Gas, Defence related and allied application cylinders. SHPCL has expertise to manufacture Cylinders to service working pressures ranging from 20 bar to 500 bar & sizes ranging from 20Ltrs to 240Ltrs.

CNG Cylinders

SHPCL manufactures very high quality CNG cylinders for automotive use, stationery CNG storage facilities as well as portable CNG cascades. The Automotive CNG Cylinders are designed to fit according to the boot space of various sedan/Hatchback and saloon vehicle variants. Special sized cylinders are tailor made for heavy duty commercial vehicle applications. SHPCL currently supplies CNG cylinders for automotive use to major OEMs in India as well as major after domestic customers. It also caters to major CNG international markets including countries/regions like Armenia, Georgia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

Industrial & Medical Gas Cylinders

SHPCL manufactures superior quality high pressure cylinders to meet the requirement of its industrial and medical gas customers.

Fire Fighting, Scuba Diving cylinders

Sahuwala Cylinders has been in the forefront of R&D of all kinds of cylinders with the scope for designing high pressure cylinders from the very smallest to very large cylinders. In keeping with this trend, we have also developed the smaller cylinders which can be used for high pressure i.e. CO2 cylinders which are made with the hot spinning technology , with variable bottom forming (as per the design of the customer). As with all our products , this also goes through stringent testing and quality processes before the item is delivered to the customer.

Commercial and recreational diving has seen an upsurge in recent times. We also have the capacity to manufacture the SCUBA diving cylinders with the requisite specifications of the customer.